The Joy Of Cannabis


Stole Jesus and Cannabis from the Masses

Men in positions of power
 stole a healer,
 free thinker,
 defender of the weak  

from the common man

Saw him as a tool to take
full control of the human race
with fear lies self doubt and suspicion

 told us that the miracles/healing/sermons/visions Jesus was famed for
 without expected recompense

 were a result of divine power
 given to him by God

Not the result of the giving and recieving of unconditional love
for this friends
his neighbour

Accessible to all
Using nature gifts

Told man instead

To look to the skies for answers

To an all knowing, vengeful, angry God

That they created

And only by living according to an earthly set of rules

could Heaven be reached

Setting every human up to fail

By preaching the evils of natural instinct and self love

they blinded us

To the divine light inside of us

We then looked for it in gold, money, status, power

And still felt lost

It is widely considered to be true
that Jesus was in fact healing etc with the use of Cannabis oil

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Then can we not assume that the true miracle lies in


 a plant that grows so easily and freely that it is referred to as weed.

A plant that is capable of fulfilling every need we could possibly have.







I have a friend who is desperately ill with Diabetes type 1
She has had it from birth
she has lost both her legs
she is 38
she has 3 children
Her husband is her carer
On £65 per week caring allowance
they have a tiny personal use grow
but due to illegality they cannot safely grow enough to keep up with the demand her illness creates
He cannot risk prison
They can't afford to buy it.

Another friend dying of cancer
he collapsed at home
lives alone
the ambulance officer
noticed his led light in the wardrobe
reported him to the police
He came home from hospital 
 the police had pulled his bedroom apart
soil all over his sick bed
the floor
 his clothes
his medicines searched and muddled.

 the withholding  of life saving medicine is against our human rights!


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