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The Joy Of Travelling Pt2

I first became aware of Switzerland when I discovered the story of Heidi It is a story about a young girl who lives with her grandfather on a Swiss mountain. I read the book and then watched it dramatized on T.V

I was entranced,
 the T.V showed the mountains
 I had been dreaming of ever since reading it 3 times back to back.

I grew up thinking it couldn't be real That no place on earth could be so beautiful

Boy was I wrong!
We set off quite late from the site in France  as with all of our trips we had no firm plans no site pre-booked  to rush to Just the enjoyment of the open road
 and anticipation of all that was to come.
We stopped at  an aire just before Switzerland and whilst Andy cooked amongst the fag butts

I enjoyed a beer

Beer for the non-driver is an absolute must as the non-driver it was my dubious pleasure to be the main food giver
, launching food into the back of the van like cruise missiles,
 referee to countless arguments
cigarette roller an…

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